Martha-Colonial black-smooth leather shoe


Martha is a Colonial dressy shoe with a fan-shaped tongue, 2″ heel, but wide enough so walking on the rough ground won’t cause your heel to sink into the ground. It has latchets for a buckle or you can use a tie.

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The Martha is an elegant black, smooth leather shoe, ready for  everyday use or for the Governor’s Ball by a style-conscious lady.  Martha features all leather construction on a comfortable modern last with a heel of 2 inches.

What makes Martha elegant is the carefully crafted fan-shaped tongue.   Martha is also available in a Bone color suitable for use with Ball Gown.

Named Martha in honor or the nation’s First Lady, it is constructed from fine leather, a moderate heel 2″ and steel shank for sturdiness.

The shoe is a crooked shoe (left/right) made on a modern last with a moderately pointed toe.  It can be worn with a ribbon or a buckle. It is also available in Bone.

Sizes 5B to 12C in full and half sizes. Buckles are not included, sold separately.

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