We manufacture one kind of keepsake, the kind on one will throw away.

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fugawees stuff is made in the USA

Here are the two main methods we use.

1) Ready to be engraved, giving you product in hand as fast as five days.

2) Highly personalized and designed by you. Good things take time to make. We need about  6 weeks.

All pewter work is made here in the USA from start to finish. We start with food-grade Pewter ingots, make the molds, cast and finish them all here in the USA.

Engravable Medallions by Fugawee
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We can have them out in as little as four days. If they’re not already made, we own the molds and can start manufacturing that day.  The “in house medallions” are much faster to get in your hand and less expensive in short runs of under fifty than the custom medallions.

  Custom medallions

  is a longer process (average 8 weeks) but it is all your designs.  You will have something to be proud of when you’re done. We will help you through the process, we can work with a concept or finished artwork.

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