Concord, Black Rough out unlined shoe


The Concord is a Colonial unlined full-grain all leather shoe. It is natural leather, easy to dye,  It has a low heel and 1 1//4″ latchets for buckles. This would be the common man’s shoe.

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This is a soft shoe without a lining on a left/right last, with a low heel.


We wanted more of a common man’s shoe. Then we named it the Concord in honor of the heroes who left their homes and their wife-warm beds to gather at the Concord bridge and dare the British Empire to do its worst.  Buckles sold separately, but if shipped with shoes, included in shipping price. All shoes sold without buckles, please see our buckle selection.

             “Here once the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world.”

Originally designed to honor those men who fired the shot heard round the World, the Concord is proving popular with women who want a solid and comfortable shoe that will stand up to grass and gravel; a shoe that will carry a tired woman until sunset.  


  Black smooth finish 5E to 15EEE half and whole sizes. Left and rights

Buckles sold separately 

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Please select size, 5E, 5EE, 5EEE, 5.5E, 5.5EE, 5.5EEE, 6E, 6EE, 6EEE, 6.5EEE, 6.5E, 6.5EE, 7E, 7EE, 7EEE, 7.5E, 7.5EE, 7.5EEE, 8E, 8EE, 8EEE, 8.5E, 8.5EE, 8.5EEE, 9E, 9EE, 9EEE, 9.5E, 9.5EE, 9.5EEE, 10EEE, 10E, 10EE, 10.5E, 10.5EE, 10.5EEE, 11E, 11EE, 11EEE, 11.5E, 11.5EE, 11.5EEE, 12EE, 12EEE, 12E, 12.5E, 12.5EE, 12.5EEE, 13E, 13EE, 13EEE, 13.5EEE, 13.5E, 13.5EE, 14_5E, 14E, 14EE, 14EEE, 14.5EE, 14.5EEE, 15E, 15EE, 15EEE


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