Deep Trekker-1747 to 1812 Boot


Colonial Deep Trekkers have a deeper 5/8″ bed so that you can use orthotics.  It is the style as the other trekkers but either orthotics or gel soles will give you that needed support without making your boots too tight.

Full and half sizes in D & EE widths 7 to 15 same as modern sizing.  Order your normal size.  Do not size up.

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DHB, Deep Trekker Half Boot

left/right last, natural, rough out half boot.
is 5/8″deeper so you can use orthotics or gel soles.

This boot has 8 lace holes and a peek at the back.  Mainly the peak is so we can tell the difference from the others for filling orders.  Other than it has a deeper bed for additions so you are more comfortable and trek further it is the same as the other half boots in the Trekker series.

This type of footwear showed up firmly established in the new Republic before the Revolution. Thomas Jefferson’s hi-low “Overshoes” may be seen in “Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution”. Castle Books 1975 Neumann and Kravic (pg 123)

This is a left/right last , a full grain leather boot, stacked leather heel. Natural rough-out leather.

Full and half sizes 7D to 13EE.


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10.5D, 10.5EE, 10D, 10EE, 11.5D, 11.5EE, 11D, 11EE, 12.5D, 12.5EE, 12D, 12EE, 13D, 13EE, 14D, 14EE, 15D, 15EE, 7.5D, 7.5EE, 7D, 7EE, 8.5EE, 8D, 8EE, 9.5D, 9.5EE, 9D, 9EE


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