Brogan, Southern or Monticello model Rough side out


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The Southern or Monticello model. also appropriate as a work shoe from the early 1800’s until the present day,  is built on the same lasts as the Federal Contract Bootee. It has five lace holes and a pull tab on the back of the boot. Its color is russet or natural and the rough-out model takes on a beautiful color when given a coat of  Lexol or other oil.  Rough out only.

When you want a good shoe so your feet don’t hurt, no break in time, Vegetable tanned upper, oak tanned inner and outer sole. McKay stitched not Goodyear welted. This is a well built sturdy shoe. Heel plates and hobnails will extend the life of the sole.

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7E, 7EE, 7EEE, 7.5E, 7.5EE, 7.5EEE, 8E, 8EE, 8EEE, 8.5E, 8.5EE, 8.5EEE, 9E, 9EE, 9EEE, 9.5E, 9.5EE, 9.5EEE, 10E, 10EE, 10EEE, 10.5E, 10.5EE, 10.5EEE, 11E, 11EE, 11EEE, 11.5E, 11.5EE, 11.5EEE, 12E, 12EE, 12EEE, 12.5E, 12.5EE, 12.5EEE, 13E, 13EE, 13EEE, 13.5E, 13.5EE, 13.5EEE, 14_5E, 14E, 14EE, 14EEE, 14.5EE, 14.5EEE, 15E, 15EE, 15EEE


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