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The light at the end of the tunnel or just the headlight of a train?

Needing income to keep Fugawee alive, we started selling on ETSY. We opened a modern pewter site Here we can show pewter pieces that use different modern techniques and mix them with the old ways and create awards, jewelry, … Read More

Risk-Takers or as the French say Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs “Risk-takers” The Entrepreneur is a French word.  We all think of a small business’s when we hear it. The direct translation to English is a risk-taker. When you’re a small business that includes our Children and spouses as we … Read More

Wet morning or a rainy day?

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Wet morning or a rainy day? Mink Oil is fine, but there are more aggressive products Available. NeverWet by Rust-Oleum I haven’t tried it yet, but I have never been disappointed by a Rust-oleum product. Huberds shoe grease this … Read More

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