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Finding the Silver in your cloud

Hello everyone. This Alex of the Fugawee just hoping everyone is safe and healthy. It’s Not looking good for events of any kind in the foreseeable future and the warmer weather making me restless. And it seems like an endless stream of things you don’t want to have to deal with business-wise as the virus takes over our lives regardless if we catch it or another American, there are consequences. Big changes We are homeschooling our two middle schoolers kids. We have an Icecream dinner bet that school will not resume until after summer break. Summer programs have all been canceled. No softball! Space camp, ball games, friends over, It has been a bummer, but I do see silver linings


  Having Time to Breathe.

 Gone was the typical day to day barrage of wake em up and get them out to school. Then business, business, business, and coordinating and schedule with military precision, band, Odessey of the mind, Drama, softball, homework, dinner (on Time), music homework, School projects, and playdates. All suddenly vanished poof! The constant hi voltage humm of the everyday was gone. There is Time to be with the family and not just to run by each other as the daily activities are going on, getting uptight because someone was late, or forgot something.

Doing things you haven’t been able to do.

 Putting a puzzle together w with one of my kids, a family board game, frisbee in the yard. Pulling out the ping pong table. In other words, Time with your family that was being stolen one little slice at a time.

The Good

Finding out what it is that made you want a family and a spouse, not the constant drive that it takes to float the boat you built. This virus ran it aground, and you have to wait for the tide to lift us all back to where we can resume the “typical” day again. My hope to see America stop chasing every advertiser’s concept of life telling you that you need constant consumption. We all have been collectively chasing the advertises tall tail of what America is just to make you want and spend. Just enjoy some contentment it what you have achieved.

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