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Risk-Takers or as the French say Entrepreneurs

'87 Prairie Du Chien
’87 Prairie Du Chien

Entrepreneurs “Risk-takers”

The Entrepreneur is a French word.  We all think of a small business’s when we hear it. The direct translation to English is a risk-taker.

When you’re a small business that includes our Children and spouses as we travel the rough road of our way.  As a small business, we employ about half of the United States!  I accept that, and my family has been living it for years.  Ups and downs

Then out of the blue comes COVID-19, a risk no one saw coming.  Like a grass fire, it starts small and grows to engulf the whole prairie.  As a small business, it’s like being struck by a bolt of lightning on a sunny day.  A boot to the head is another way to describe it.  With only a vague restarting date for one the entire world that keeps getting pushed back farther and farther!  The situation is fluid at best.

But how do you weather the storm?

WE ARE LOOKING FOR BUSINESS, so check this out.

We are here and happy to do custom metalwork.  Hatpins/lapel pins have been viral.  As an introduction, we are doing an excellent special for small clubs or events.  Very simple and straight forward.

The first pin, coin, or medallion will cost $150, and every one after that is $2 and up with no minimum quantities.

What I need:

Your vector graphic artwork a sketch/drawing or description of how you want it to look.

What you get:

  • 1×1 inch Lapel/hatpin with a clutch. Or a 1 1/4 inch single-sided coin or medallion.  All made in the USA. Larger sizes are available at additional cost.
  • Finishing will bright with a highlight. Other options are available for an additional cost.


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