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Early Buttons and Paint?

What a month! Apologies to have been so quiet, but we had our hands full. We have been doing some research behind the scenes to bring more information to our buttons. In doing so, we have come across a lot of information on buttons and the origins of our buttons. We even found buttons from 1800-1840 that we are reproducing and is soon to be on the web sites.  I knew buttons had been painted, but I didn’t know how far back.  So far, I have found as far back as 1800s, and I remember reading about it in the 1780s.  Finding out these buttons were painted has led us down the painted button road. It is amazing what comes out of these buttons with a little paint. These buttons were painted and then lacquered. Not a difficult process at all.

Spanish buttons 1640s
Painted Buttons
  Three Colours Painted Buttons

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