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Water proofing boots and shoes

Mink Oil is fine, but there are more aggressive products Available. NeverWet by Rust-Oleum I haven’t tried it yet, but I have never been disappointed by a Rust-oleum product. Huberds shoe grease https://www.huberds.com/ this is from coal country and coal miners like it. The other place the water can come from is the sole. Once the sole is saturated, it needs time to dry out. Or it will twist and reshape; you will get smiles ( where the sole layers separate at the edges) as the leather stretches farther than the adhesive can. The only remedies that I know of are :

1: Own more than one pair of shoes. Being able to allow proper drying time is great. Not always practice.

2: use a rubber sole saver to prevent the water from being absorbed by the sole.

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