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Hessian boots research notes

The colonists were first introduced to the Hessian mercenaries on the 15th of August 1776 on Statin Island in the colony of New York. Their first battle was coming up. Their first engagement was the battle for Long Island also … Read More

Hobnails and Heel plates, my encounters

I remember my first pair of concords in the early 1990s. I was all dressed up and had on my first pair of our Concords. I was somewhere in rural Alabama, going to a Southeastern National Rendezvous. I stopped at … Read More

If your breast is above your top lift, are you a Heel? Heel Hight.

How to measure heel height according to “The Complete Footwear Dictionary, second edition.” Heel height: the height, floor to the shank, is measured at the heel breast. The measure of heel height is from the breast (front) of the heel … Read More

Brogans are also called Jefferson Bootees.

Brogans are also called Jefferson Bootees. The Army used the term “Jefferson”. The reason goes back to Thomas Jefferson: During the French Revolution, large, fancy shoe buckles were considered the mark of the Aristocrats. Shortly, wearing any shoe buckles at … Read More

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