a Victoria, Black


Black Victoria is a Ladies fully leather lined ankle-high pull-on bootee. Black is one of three color choices.

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a Victoria, Black – 12W

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Civil War Ankle boot, Victoria is a fully leather lined flat heeled, fitted ankle-high bootee for the ladies. It has a tapered, squarish toe cap and is made of soft leather on a left/right last.  It is the same comfortable fit as the original Victoria, with 2 elastic gussets and new Bone color that will go with your summer outfits or double as ballroom shoes. Victoria original was all Black. Now there is a group, two-tone Sara, Jenny Lynn and all White..

Full and half sizes from 6 to 12, widths; medium M, wide W and extra wide EW.


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Weight 3 lbs
Womans MW&EW

10.5EW, 10.5M, 10.5W, 10EW, 10M, 10W, 11.5EW, 11.5M, 11.5W, 11EW, 11M, 11W, 12EW, 12M, 12W, 6.5EW, 6.5M, 6.5W, 6EW, 6M, 6W, 7.5EW, 7.5M, 7.5W, 7EW, 7M, 7W, 8.5EW, 8.5M, 8.5W, 8EW, 8M, 8W, 9.5EW, 9.5M, 9.5MM, 9.5W, 9EW, 9M, 9W, Size


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