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Metalware : Boiler, Stainless Steel

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These may look like the tin items that we are use to, but these will not corrode.  They are made of a non shiny stainless steel. 6 inches and holds 1 quart. Price $29.11


The boiler is a bit over 6″ high and holds 1 quart(32 oz). This is the most versatile equipment you can have besides a knife. It is a drinking cup, cook pot and lid, shaving mug a beer stein and more. If you have had trouble with pesky yellow jackets or other crawlies in your beverage you will truly adore and value the self attached hinged closing lid (or bug defense shield).
Also there is a bale/handle to hang the Boiler with over a fire. For traveling light you can do all your cooking and drinking out of it, or it just plain looks good
Order one today. $29.11
 + S/H

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