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Concord, Men’s Colonial shoes, black-smooth

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Concords: Black smooth, .

We named it the Concord in honor of  the heroes who left their homes and their wife-warm beds to gather at the Concord bridge and dare the British Empire to do its worst.

The toe of the Concord is slightly round, the dominate style shoes found at Ft. Ligonier. We took the pattern for the Franklin uppers and formed them over a last taken from an 1860’s military shoe. The Concord is available in rough or smooth finish.

Wonder about which to choose smooth or rough leather?  If you are in a group or unit, sometime it is decided along with the other clothing regulation what the unit will wear.  If it just for personal use, oft times it was a rough outside leaving the inside smooth as like a lining.  Then the rough leather would be filled with a mixture to fill the leather and after a lot of elbow grease you would get the not too shiny finish.  This also gave you added protection from moisture of the wet ground cover.  There has been many different concoctions for fillers over the years.

The smooth finish would give you the rough side for the inside and be more of a cushion and less elbow grease as the shine is already there.

The Natural rough would darken as it aged and get a nice dusty brown.  A filling or dressing would darken over time.  The Natural could also be dyed.

Size: 5E through 15EEE for the Concords.  Buckles sold separately, but if shipped with shoes, included in shipping price. All shoes sold without buckles, please see our buckle selection.  Cost $126.12

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