Vine and Leaf, Brass ladies shoe buckle


Vine and Leaf :  Is a delicate line engraving of a vine with leaves, Brass Buckle.  All buckles are sold in pairs.  If you need just one for a special project, let us know. 800 605 8280

Price is $35.20. 

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We are closing out the Betsy and the Sally their nice shoes but time to make something different when they’re gone there gone.

Fugawees Sally and Betsy Closeout $99


Vine and Leaf: Is a delicate line engraving of a vine with leaves, in Brass  All buckles are sold in Pairs. Price is $35.20. 

For the Ladies, it is much the same. Plain for workers Brass seems more used but there still were Silver metals that were available. Ladies Plain buckle, Vine and Leaf for shoes like the Barbara, Connie would be appropriate. There might be a small difference for the Debbie and Martha, the Ribbon or Celtic would be as at home here as the Plain, or Vine & Leaf. It would not be incorrect to use one of the larger buckles if the shoe would carry it.
Of course to add elegance gem added to the buckle or even using the Pierced buckle with colored stones to match her gown would also make a statement of place in society.

Buckles are sold separately from shoes, but when purchased at the same time, there is no added shipping costs.


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