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2 Hole Pewter Floral button, #211 Hand made in the USA


Fancy and flowery a refreshing taste of a time when people had time for the little things in life. Just change your buttons and see.

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Cast and then polished and out to you.
Clear Coated

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Sold in ten pack (10) call for custom quantities. A clear protective coating is applied to keep the pewter shiny for years. adds six cents per button
Highlighted or Antiqued

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The product is coated with patina finish and wiped to give an antiqued look. Mostly done with black but any color can be used.
Lacquer Coating

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first, the button is polished. Next, it is painted with a special paint designed to hold on tight and then the high points are wiped bright next the button is lacquer coated for a protected surface. Giving you a long-lasting period coating and a bright button that resists tarnishing.
Optic Coating

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The optic coating is a modern process Magnifying the undelaying detail and is quite striking. It is not intended for historic reenacting but for the beauty of the button and the grace they bring.
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Fugawees two-hole floral pewter button Sews on easily, stays secure and is useful in tons of places. Size is 3/4″.  I don’t know where this button comes from. I think that I got it from my mother. The button fits into the golden age of buttons 1790-1830. Another one that looks good painted.

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Finish Levels

Bright, Clear Coated, Highlighted or Antiqued, Lacquer Coating, Optic Coating, Painted


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