We are closing out the Betsy and the Sally their nice shoes but time to make something different when they’re gone there gone.

Fugawees Sally and Betsy Closeout $99


Sandra Lee Glaes, AKA Captain Bonnie.  I have a small but fat German foot and these are the only shoes that I have come across that are actually made… Read More

My German Feet - East Coast U.S.

new Sallys

7 days 17 miles a day
Ryan Brown Here’s mine I got a year ago. They are fugawee. Excellent customer service! I wore mine on a week-long… Read More

7 days 17 miles a day

Alysha… Read More

Debbie’s for three seasons

Brittany Frederick · Read More

I’m updating my review

Nancy, Just wanted to pass along I got my shoes and they fit even better this time. Greatly appreciate the customer service. I am familiar with your shoes as the last… Read More

last pair purchase lasted 5 years before needing replaced! - The University of West Alabama

I purchased a pair of hi-lows from you about nine years ago. I have had them resoled twice, had three different pairs of… Read More

I work at a living history site in East Tennessee

They fit perfectly right out of the box.
Hi, Just a short note to say I received my “Josie” boots today. They fit perfectly right out of the box. These will go nicely with my vivandiere uniform. Thank you… Read More

They fit perfectly right out of the box.