Stainless Steel large Cup Heavy gauge.


The larger cup in the image is our 4″x4″ cup.  Stainless Steel with a satin finish.  Handle matches the other metal ware in our line.

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We are closing out the Betsy and the Sally their nice shoes but time to make something different when they’re gone there gone.

Fugawees Sally and Betsy Closeout $99


Looks like Tin, but it is Stainless Steel, not 18Ga. but 12Ga, not the stuff you bend in with your finger. satin finish; How many times have you come back to camp and forgotten to clean out your tinware?  It is gross in the Morning.  Not with these look-a-likes.  They will not corrode from food left in them.  They are easy to clean us and last and last.  They come with a handle that matches our other metal ware.  You can hook it on your belt as you go from camp to camp and enjoy the evening revelry.  Shinin’ times


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