Ligonier smooth out

Ligonier smooth out 17 October 1976 Now it is uncertain that we will go to Bangladesh. I rather hope that we don’t go so that I will not have to switch to Jones ••• By the way, I stayed aboard last night, as you know. Well, this morning at breakfast one of the engineers came over and laid two Foreign Legion fourrageirres, the rope around the shoulders’ •• an epaulet and a pocket badge on my table. The Legionnaire had pulled guard duty the night he was supposed to meet me and he recognized the engineer so gave him the stuff. He said that he might have something else tonight. So I will go over and buy him a drink. If only the place wasn’t crawling with beggars and peddlers. If we cut out Bangladesh, we will be on the coast at Christmas. I maybe I can make some kind of an arrangement. I so love you and miss you. As we were sitting in front of the hotel the other night the chief’ engineer asked me if I thought that you would enjoy this place. I assured him that you would enjoy almost anyplace ••• such a woman. I got some more badges from the Legion, and the guy wouldn’t even let me buy him a beer All my love, Art PS: I got some more badges from the legion and the guy wouldn’t even let me buy him a beer.

1758 Ligonier by Fugawee. Reconstructed from the shoes taken from Fort Ligonier.

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