We are closing out the Betsy and the Sally their nice shoes but time to make something different when they’re gone there gone.

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Deep Treckker-1747 to 1812 Boot
Deep Treckker-1747 to 1812 Boot
Deep Treckker-1747 to 1812 Boot

Colonial Deep Trekkers have a deeper 5/8″ bed so that you can use orthotics.  It is the style as the other trekkers but either orthotics or gel soles will give you that needed support without making your boots too tight.

Full and half sizes in D & EE widths 7 to 15 same as modern sizing.  Order your normal size.  Do not size up.

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Hi-Low Trekkers, straight last, natural rough-out leather
Hi-Low Trekkers, straight last, natural rough-out leather

Hi-Lows are the straight last in the Trekker series.  All leather natural rough-out, lace up half boot. sizes 6 to 15

If you look at the American Rifleman article on muskets of the Revolution, you will see that Troiani portraysGeneral Warren standing atop the parapet with sword in hand as he waits to see “the whites of their eyes.”  He is wearing black Hi-Lows / Black Half Boots.

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Hi-Lows,  Buskins,  Trekkers

Black & Natural laced Half Boots

Several names for the same boot. This type of footwear was seen in paintings of English sporting scenes in the mid-1700s. It was firmly established in the new Republic before the Revolution. Thomas Jefferson’s hi-low “Overshoes” may be seen in “Collector’s Illustrated.   Encyclopedia of the American Revolution”. Castle Books 1975 Neumann and Kravic (pg 123)

Dyed black, these duplicate military shoes from 1812 through the Mexican war. See the QM Corps official website. http://www.qmfound.com/changes_in_the_army_uniform_1895.htm or look below for a Left/right model.

June Swann, foremost British shoe expert says in “Shoes” (ISBN 0 7134 0942 8) P.28: …..Also, see Troiani’s Lexington Minute Man.

The Trekker series is very popular and mainly the style is the same.


As to the fit, since the leather on the toe slopes, we suggest 1/2 size larger than your modern dress shoes. We carry widths of D and EE which are the same as modern sizing.