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Colonial Stocking sale three for Twenty dollars

Original price was: $41.00.Current price is: $20.00.

Three pairs of Fugawee over-the-knee colonial stockings for twenty dollars shipped in the US. The catch is we pick the colors.


Three pairs of Fugawee over-the-knee colonial stockings for twenty dollars shipped in the US. The catch is we pick the colors. Only returns for manufacturing defects will be accepted. These will only be top-grade standard stockings; we are liquidating our stockings. (There are additional shipping charges outside the US.)

Colonial stockings 3 for only $20 shipped in the US.
3 4 $20 SALE

Plain colors and stripes in various colors. Over-the-knee (colonial) and up to the knee (Civil War). The inclusion of spandex: These cotton stockings contain about 3%- 5% spandex and will not sag or bag about your ankles. They may not be super critically correct to the period because of the spandex, but they are politically correct.