Women's Colonial Shoes

Until recently, museums and collectors kept only the fanciest footwear. Work shoes were thrown out like old sneakers. Most of the surviving women's shoes  of the Colonial era were made of linen or silk. The problem with fabric shoes is that the unending varieties of linen and damask and ball gown material make it impossible to make a shoe except on an individual basis see Fugawees Brocade line. We studied dozens of books and surviving leather shoes in museum collections. We found that the etchings of Hogarth (1740-1780) were a gold mine of information on Colonial period shoes.  We also designed several models in leather that may be dyed to any color you desire.

Buckles are not included in the prices shown.

The Anna


now $101.08 plus shipping.

Anna  A comfortable heeled shoe is a left/right model designed to be worn without buckles.  She is designed to be worn with a ribbon tie or a rosette that will match your outfit.  Heel is 2 inches. Steel shank, black supple leather. Modern last. Sizes 5B-12C full and half sizes. 


Click and you can move the picture to view in 3D   (Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)

  $105.83 plus shipping Rough Smooth $105.83

  $105.83 plus shipping Natural rough. Perfect for dyeing

The Barbra is the woman's version of our 1758 or Ligonier shoe. Low heel, straight last, round toe, unlined, and available in

smooth or rough-out leather. This is more of a trekking or an all around camp shoe for them that might get into a little mud, rain, rocks or just lots

of walking. This is a thick soled shoe unlike some of the other more dainty ladies. Call with questions, Please.

Sturdy and stable on a city street paved with cobblestones or on the rough turf of a campground. May be worn with ties or buckles.

size 6B-10C, full & half sizes Barbara sells for 105.83

Buckles are not included. See our buckle page

Cheri   $100.34 plus shipping

The Cheri has an 1 3/4" heel and it is full for walking on rough ground. The tie will keep the shoe snug to your foot and is a good walking shoe.

Connie (Click and you can move the picture to view in 3D)  (Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)


Rough side out        Smooth side out         Rough side out



In whole and half sizes...  $97.83 plus shipping

is modeled after a photo in Baumgartner's book on Clothing in Colonial Williamsburgh. Connie is a straight last, heeled shoe. Surprisingly comfortable.  You will forget that it is a straight last shoe the second or third time you wear it.   We have Connie in black smooth supple leather or suede and a few in natural color.  The naturals were meant to allow the customer to dye a shoe to match her outfit.

The Baumgartner book shows a natural color shoe like the one shown and was the model for our Connie.  Connie has a 1-3/4 inch heel and is available in sizes 6B to 10C in NOW in whole and half sizes. 

(Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)

$96.70 plus Shipping  (Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)

Debbie  Is modeled after a shoe seen in Hogarth's etchings.  It is a  made on a left/right lastwith a heel of  1-3/4".  Smooth black supple leather. The Debbie will take a 1¼ inch buckle or may be tied with a ribbon or rosette.   Debbie is available in sizes 5M-12EW full & half sizes. Extra wide sizes Are now available.  Good for Men doing the Fop impression, Men’s sizes are a style called the Leslie. 


Buckles are not included. See our buckle page



Click and you can move the picture to view in 3D .

As seen in True Bloud's

now $104.75 plus Shipping   (Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)


The Martha is an elegant shoe, ready for the Governor's Ball or for everyday use by a style-conscious lady.  Martha features all leather construction on a comfortable modern  last with a heel of 2 inches.  The thing that makes Martha elegant is the carefully crafted   fan-shaped tongue.  Sizes 5B to 12C in full and half sizes. Buckles are not included. Martha is also available in a bone color suitable for use as it comes from the box or easily dyed to almost any color.

 The Concord

Concord Black Rough side out: 126.12
  Concord Black Smooth side out: 126.12
  Concord Natural Rough side out: $126.12

(Buckles are not included. See our buckle page)


Originally designed to honor those men who fired the shot heard round the World, the Concord is proving popular with women who want a solid and comfortable shoe that will stand up to grass and gravel; a shoe that will carry a tired woman until sunset.  

Order the men's size one and one half sizes smaller than your regular size. Few women will require anything wider than an E width (our narrowest).  Thus. if you take a normal woman's size 9c, you probably will find a good   fit in a   Concord 7˝ E. The best shoe around for a stony site. Buckles not included.

Available in smooth or rough finish. plus Shipping.

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