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Soft Ball Award Cuff Bracelet. Hand made in the USA


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Plain no engraving
Plain finish bright with brushed Highlights.
One side engraved with 3 free letters only
One side with extra letters
Nineteen dollars and fifty cents plus 1.40 for each additional letter.
Two Sided with engraving
Twentyfour dollars and ninety-five cents 1.40 for each additional letter.
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This isn’t your typical softball award.

Gone are the days of trashy plastic trophies that no one likes when you purchase these for your softball team. These pewter cuffs started when my daughter’s softball team said they were looking for a trophy that people wouldn’t dump in the attic and forget about. I stepped up to the challenge and told them that I could make something no one has before. So after a few days of mold making, I came up with these cuffs which were a big hit with the team and had gained so much popularity that all the other teams asked for their own. We even make one for the coach which can be mounted on a plaque made of locally cut cypress but can be changed to whatever wood you might want. We can even engrave the team’s name and the player’s name on the cuff.  I used the back of the cuff to put my message on to the team a lot of room to say what you want. These cuffs were a fantastic trophy and I still see them being worn around the school to this day. Made in the USA my Fugawee.

$9.50 Setup and six letters  After that  1.40 per letter. for multiple units, 1.40 each for repeat printing. For teams at no extra charge, we will change the names and player numbers for each cuff.

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One side engraved with 3 free letters only, One side with extra letters, Plain no engraving, Two Sided with engraving


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