Reviews of Fugawee products by people like you.

From:Jenna Theissenorical Timekeepers event coordinator

Hi there,

I had emailed a few weeks ago about a warranty issue, and you folks were wonderful! Beyond words. Liz was nice enough to send me out the Sarah's and I love them!!! Not being an ego-maniac, but I did attach a picture for you to see me enjoying the new boots. Well, that being said, I posted this picture on my Facebook page and it has conjured up quite the conversation about colored boots. I had said to Liz that if you made them in Navy blue with a black toe box I'd buy them in a heart beat! And that comment on my FB page has created a conversation about how ladies would LOVE colored boots but that Robert Land was the only one making them and now he's so busy he's cut back on what he does anymore. So I honestly think you'd have a market for them if you started them. I'd love to be one of the first to get the navy ones that I described! I know it's a whole new line and having to find the colored leather, but a friend of mine who has the bone ones is planning on dying her's navy cause of the fact that we'd love to see colored boots. They were in so many colors back then, that it would be fun to have that option today.

Just a food for thought there. You might also see a few orders trickling in on the Sarah's due to my picture, as a couple of ladies said they'd love a pair now, and would never have thought to buy them had it not been for me just raving about how darn cute they were!

Jenna Theissen
Historical Timekeepers event coordinator


From: Mr. & Mrs. Tyler William's

Thank you so much for your wonderful service and great product! I recently (June 2011) purchased a pair of your Franklin-style shoes and midshipman pewter buckles to wear for my wedding. They really unified the classic, almost "period" look I was after...they went amazingly well with my kilt (see attached photos)! I have several friends involved in various historical societies here in Colorado, and they have been made aware of your company and my unequivocally positive experience!

Congratulations and best wishes from Fugawee.

From : Dan Keller.

Subject: Stove pipe Boots

Hi, I purchased a pair of your black trekker (Jefferson) boots over 2 years
ago.  This pair lasted a few months before a small defect occurred.  I shipped
the boots back to you and you sent me a new pair free.  I have worn this pair
almost daily for almost 2 years.  I have had them reheeled once and last week an
eyehole finally ripped out.  The leather soles have small holes starting to wear
through, which I just patched by epoxying thin rubber belting over.  I fully

expect to be wearing them for another year at least.  Not bad you say?  I have
to let you know that I wear these boots almost daily.  I wear them to our Boy
Scout campouts, I do our Troops Hiking Merit Badge and have worn them on 10 mile
hikes through Mark Twain National Forest.  I wear them to Rendezvous, including
Fort DeChartres in Illinois.  I have worn them on overnight canoe trips and
often have to drag a canoe through shallow water or across gravel bars.  I have
not "coddled" these boots.  I keep a nice pair of inserts in them and they are
one of the most comfortable boots I have, I even clean them up, re-dye them with
some black dye and wear them to teach school in and for semi formal occasions. 
I use them for every day wear.   They are a good looking and well wearing boot. 
The only instance of service I used was when the first boot had a defect and

the folks at Fugawee went above and beyond what was required to help me quickly
and get me a new pair of boots.   I highly recommend their Hi Lo Trekker boot
and their company to anyone looking to purchase a pair of historical boots. 

Thank you for a great boot.  Dan Keller  

A review of the Fugawee Connie

Hello Fugawee,
thank you for putting such a beautiful photo and mention of the shoes
I ordered for my wedding last year.
Just wanted to let you know that Snippet and Ink, a wedding blog, will
be publishing our wedding online the week of Halloween Photography is
by Jude Mooney Photography. I wrote about the wedding, and of course
the clothing is the focus.
I am not sure how much they will include or edit, but I made sure to
mention Fugawee and include a link to your site.

Dmitra Smith

Photoes by

Hi Nancy,

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. We sure had fun wearing the costumes and, as I mentioned earlier, the shoes worked extremely well and were very comfortable. I think having them made out of the fabric of our coats was seen by many to be one of the special details in these costumes. In Venice during Carnival people take our photos hundreds of times every day and as we were in the best costume parade these costumes were probably photographed thousands of times – when were we on the cat walk in the middle of San Marco square there was a sea of cameras snapping away. What was really interesting was the number of times we could tell people were talking photos of just our feet – the shoes and their beautiful buckles seemed to have an impact.

We are attaching two photos. Please feel free to use them on your website if you want. I'm not sure if you know that earlier on I had ordered the little buckles on our pants from Fugawee.

I've been back looking at your site again. I'm trying to decide which style of ladies black leather shoes I want to order (probably the Martha style with another of your wonderful buckles).

Our next new costumes will be one of the more traditional characters from 18th century Venice called Il Dottore from the Italian Commedia dell’arte. We also have Bauta costumes (another traditional 18th century Venetian Carnival character) and the new black shoes will be used there as well. To make them a little more 18th century European I'll have the heels dyed red (which was done in Europe to distinguish those who had been formally presented at court).

While I know your focus is on Colonial America, your ladies shoes work extremely well for 18th century men (where the high heel is important). You might want to put some links into your site for those searching for 18th century costumes as finding good shoes is very difficult in North America. While there isn’t a big market for 18th century things, since coming back from Carnival this year I've sent your address to two 18th century dance troupes so there is at least a little market out there.

Thanks again for all of your help in building these new costumes!



















From: Coughran, James
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 4:44 PM
To: Fugawee Corp
Subject: RE: Boots..

I just want to say thank you for replacing my boots. I received the new ones and wore them to a rendezvous on Jan 14-16 ("Frozen Foot Rendezvous" in Toole TX, almost always the coldest and wettest rendezvous in Texas) wore the boots the whole time..

Thank you for the good service. I have recommended your boots to others and told them about your customer service.


From: Caitlin Cassin []
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 8:59 PM
Subject: Re: Return

Just got my Victoria shoes in black 8 W and they fit perfectly! I'm so glad I was forced to get the wide because anything else smaller would have been too small.
Thank you so much for your help. My father just bought a pair of shoes as well.
Many thanks,


From: avalonforge []
Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 5:57 PM
Subject: Hi Lows Received


The shoes arrived today and I immediately tried them on. I had a real problem with the fit on my left foot.

Now I have never had any indication that my feet aren't matched in size, so I was afraid I was going to return them with a mildly nasty letter.

However, after I removed the tissue paper from the toe of the left shoe, it fit MUCH better. I intend to wear them daily to get them broken in before I attend a local reenactment this weekend. However, they are so comfortable already, I don't think they need much breaking in.

Thanks to whomever is responsible for making these shoes available.

John White
Avalon Forge
"Replicas for 18th Century Living History"




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