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Nora 232.00$....................................... Abilene 299$

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Engineer 350.00$


Please call Order Dept. 800-605-8280. or Nancyayotte@comcast.net. This is a new line and we will be adding more to this page. During our launch of modern foot ware we are giving the first buyers a deep discount, Just ask.

Fugawee has been selling boots from this bootmaker for years and have loved his work, But now we want to offer Modern boots so if you have liked fugawee footwaregive our modern footware a try.(A great portion of their production goes to Germany of all places. My surprise is that the Germans are a picky bunch and it is not German. So they have to be good.)

Quality, comfort and looks are there and with the price that Fugawee brings them to you makes it a great value.
The Modern shoes carry the same guarantee as our historical foot wear. They are still made by our supplier, the best North American boots and shoes we could find.
As many of you already own Fugawee shoes here is a chance to own some modern shoes that you know will hold up, look Good and be comfortable.

Now here is the secret;

That's it Just build them right.



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