The White Fanged Blue Bitch

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  "Many men fancy that they would like the life of a seaman.  Some begin it, then find themselves trapped by its monotonous and deceptive spinning away of the days and the decades, until they awake to curse of the sea for a white-fanged blue bitch, who has seduced them of their youth and their fuller years, to hold them yet in the days of their old age and to mock them with the bitter revelation that they have been, in fact, her lifelong slaves."
    Captain Art Ayotte

Art Ayotte had a Masters license for all vessels.  He was on his 5th issue at the time of his retirement.  Each issue lasted five years.  Art was especially fond of the old sailing ships and did know much about them.  He spent 50 years as a Merchant Marine with a Captain's license. 
During WWII Arthur Ayotte served in the US Navy for four years and was decorated for his action aboard the USS Houston in October, 1944. He was discharged from the Navy in 1945 and joined International Order of Masters Mates and Pilots (IOMMP) in 1946.

After that it is a little sketchy...



Navy service record you want to take about a busy summer. and there are alot of stories he told me that were never written down.