Fugawee made Medallions

Solid evidence you gave a shit!

Fugawee makes its medallions from Britannia metal. It is a lead-free pewter alloy made of 95% tin.

We refuse to "rip off" anyone's design and guarantee that your design is your property.

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Fugawee medaillion 1838 rendoezvous by Fugawee

Twyman'38th Annual Rendezvous


Lancaster's Restoration Rendezvous



When Fugawee makes a Medallion we Photograph it in 3D and post it here and link to your event or club. Gives up a call we can help you with your Medallion.

This is a letter to a Bushway from Nancy. It says it all on why your club

would want a Medallion and why you want Fugawee to make it.

Fugawee Corp. 3127 Corrib Dr., Tallahassee F 32309 877 860 2104

Hello Lewis,
It was nice to talk to you today. I am enclosing some samples of medallion that I have done. I did my first one in 1986 for the Southeastern at Alafia. So I have done a few.

Medallions are a good way to do several things. It identifies your club and the event. It can help the club raise extra money by selling them at the gate. Or it can provide visual evidence of payment for the event. If used for shooting events, as the Colorado Spring Muzzleloader do by my engraving on the back, shooting contest, such as Men's Rifle, Men's Shotgun, Old Timers and of course Jr. events, the medallion serves as an award which will be kept for years to remember the event.

Other re-enactors in corporate their medallion in necklaces, inlay on boxes and added to a totem denoting where they have been. It is a matter of pride.

I have been told that some of my medallions have been so collected that one was traded for a tent.

In choosing a design it is important to reflect the club and what if represent. That is why each one is made to order, no generics would reflect your part of the country or what you have to offer.

The medallions I have selected represent the different methods that I employ. The round Possum Branch is a one level etching. It is simple and conveys the information that the club wants. The Celtic cross is another application of the same technique but with different results. The wagon wheel Texas has just a bit of sculpting to represent the mountains. Colorado Springs Muzzleloaders have a sculpting on the center figure and they use the same medallion each year. For this one I do two lines of engraving on the back for each event and then 1st place is Gold plated, 2nd place is pewter (as you see here) and 3rd place is copper or bronze with a deeper color, to be different from the gold. The Possum oval show more of the sculpting that can be done. And Rocky Mountain College had this Turtle spoon made. So it can run from the simple to the complex, round, oval, freeform or 3 dimensional, one or two side.

We can work from a rough sketch to art work that has been done by a club member. Just realize that when you design, you may see it large while working it but it has to be reduced to the size you need. Sometime design elements can be lost. But I am always glad to work with you.

I would love to do a medallion for your group; however I would still be happy to donate to your event as I have in the past.
Very truly,
Nancy Ayotte

OTTER.jpg (32686 bytes)MAJORUM.jpg (47883 bytes)spanam.jpg (35886 bytes)

These are a few of the hundreds of medallion designs that have been produced by Fugawee through the patience and skill of Nancy Ayotte.  Her background includes study at the Art Students' League in New York and jewelry design and fabrication. The two Indian medallions on the right and left are part of a ten-year series of medallions made for the Travers de Sioux celebration in Mankato MN.  Each features a bas relief portrait of one of the chiefs involved in the Great Sioux Uprising of 1862.  Nancy works from sketches and photographs to create such designs.  The medal with the ribbon is a recognizable reproduction (not a rip-off) of the Spanish American War victory medal.  It was manufactured for a museum shop and re-enactor group. There is enough difference in dating and wording so that there can be no confusion.   

Types of medallions

There are two basic classes of medallions.  The first is made like those shown above. A picture of the subject is rendered into relief by the sculptor's art.  The second type, as on the left, is a straight photo-etched product.   It avoids the cost of sculpting and often is suitable for a small rendezvous or when cost is a factor.

Cost:       There is one unavoidable cost.   This is the $100 for the mold. It is for the MOLD ONLY. Other costs also apply.

The mold charge must be divided between all the medallions.  Thus, the one hundred dollar mold cost would come to a dollar apiece if you ordered a hundred medallions.  However, for an order of a thousand medallions, the  MOLD-MAKING cost per medallion would only be a dime.  The same sort of cost division applies to sculpture work.   The cost per unit is reduced on larger orders because the bench and mold costs are divided by a higher number.  The cost of casting and finishing must be added on an individual basis.  The cost of  materals and labor is more or less constant.  Metal prices vary with the cost of tin which makes up about 96% of our alloy.

Saying that, our quotes includes all of the variables except shipping. The following is just to give you an idea of what all goes into the pricing.  The basics are the size of the medallion, the quantity and complexity of the design.  We also need the deadline date, or what date you need them by.

Sculpting can be as low as $50 total& for an order to about $250 total for the order.  Thus, a well sculpted  medallion will cost $150 to $300 for the mold and bench time. You must divide this into the number of medallions in the order.  Let's say that your  order is for 500 medallions.  The art work and mold together will cost $350 divided by 500 units or $.70 per unit. This is not the total cost.  You must also figure in the cost of metal and casting.

If the order was only 250 medallions instead of 500, medallions, the mold and bench time per unit would double to $1.40 per unit while the cost of casting and finishing per unit would remain the same. 

 Most people ordering medallions are first-timers.  We realize this and will work with you to turn out a medallion you can be proud of.

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